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S3. Element of the oil filter

The filter element making involves preparing the paper for pleating and assembling the element. It consists of the following steps.

a.Paper folding and Pleating

The machine prepares the paper so that it can fit inside the canister. The operator adjusts the width, height, and number of folds on the folding machine. After that, the pleating machine pleats the prepared paper automatically.

b.Filter Paper Clipping

After the pleating process is over, the pleated paper ribbon is cut into set lengths, and each part is folded into a cylindrical shape, with the ends being fastened with a clip.

c.Placing the Center tube

The center tube is then placed in the paper core, and the tangled oil filter paper is evenly bundled together with a rubber band. All this is done manually by workers.

d.Filter Element End Caps Glue Injecting

An automatic glue injection machine glues the inner sides of the end caps, preparing them for bonding with the filter paper. The operator then bonds the filter paper evenly to the upper and lower caps.

e.Filter Element Curing

Finally, the bonded paper core is transferred into the curing oven for curing.

S4. Oil Filter Assembling

An assembly line worker places the base plate on the assembly line, loads the anti-drain back valve into the base plate, and then places the filter element on it. After placing the support spring on the filter element core, the worker adds the filter canister to the assembly. Finally, the edge of the filter is folded down to form the rim using a seamer machine.

S5. Oil Filter Testing

The test phase begins when the filter is assembled.

After the filter is placed on the test bench and connected to the air outlet, a water tank is raised to cover the filter with water, and an air valve automatically opens. The filter is then observed at a fixed pressure for more than 15 seconds.

In order to determine whether a product is qualified, the quality inspector visually checks the water for bubbles. If there are no bubbles, the product is non-conforming and needs to be reworked.

The filters that have been tested are all wet, so they have to go into the drying process. After drying and removing the moisture, they can enter the packaging stage. (If you are testing using a dry side leaker, you do not need to dry the filter.)

S6. Packaging the Finished Oil Filter

a. Silkscreen printing: Filters that have passed the test are transferred to an automatic screen printing machine for automatic silk screen printing.

b.Screen printing ink: The screen-printed filter is passed through a conveyor belt and into the oven to dry the screen printing ink.

c.Coding: The product is then transferred from the conveyor to the automatic inkjet printer for automatic coding after silk screen printing and drying are complete.

d.The filter is automatically transferred from the conveyor belt to the automatic oil equipment for anti-rust oil treatment after the coding stage.

e.Plastic film sealing: Finally, the operator sends the filter into the automatic film machine to automatically put the plastic film.


After the final process of manufacturing the China oil filter, the tested product is packaged for delivery to the customer.

This is the product you get when you buy a new oil filter for your car.

The filter is ready to do the work of cleaning the oil circulating through your car’s engine.

Meanwhile, back at the oil filter manufacturing companies, the process to manufacture more filters continues.

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