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    ​​​​​​​Loosen the oil fill cap to help the oil drain more easily. The oil fill cap is a round cover at the top of the engine that covers the hole where you check your oil or pour oil into. Twist it counterclockwise to loosen it so that the oil can drain out quicker.[1]Make sure your vehicle's engine is off before performing this procedure. If the engine is hot, wait at least 30 minutes to start the procedure. If the engine is cold, let your car warm it up for 2-3 minutes, then shut it off before beginning.

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    Put an oil drain pan underneath the oil drain plug. The drain plug is a square nut typically located beneath the engine block on the lowest possible point of the oil pan that is attached to the underside of the engine block. It is usually either on the bottom or the side of of the oil pan.The drain plug is sometimes located near the crankshaft, which is the shaft connected directly to the underside of the engine block that supplies power to the moving parts of the vehicle. It is housed inside a casing that is attached to the underside of the engine block.

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    Remove the oil plug to drain the oil out, then replace the plug. Use a square-end wrench (a socket wrench without the socket) to loosen and remove it. Let the oil drain out into the oil pan until it stops trickling out. This may take 10-30 minutes. Don't forget to replace the oil drain plug!

    [2]Be ready to move your hand away quickly as soon as you remove the plug so you don’t get covered in oil. If your oil drain plug has a gasket, then replace it with a new one before you put the plug back in. This will ensure a tight fit and seal.

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    Find the oil filter by looking for a metal cylinder attached to the engine block. Look on the top, bottom, and sides of the engine to locate the filter attached to an outlet coming from the engine block. The filter is often black, white, blue, or orange and labeled as a filter.

    [3]The location of the oil filter depends on the model of vehicle. Check your vehicle's manual if you aren't sure where the oil filter is located.

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    Move the oil drain pan underneath the oil filter. This is necessary to catch any oil that drains out when you remove the filter. Make sure the pan is located directly below the oil filter.

    [4]The amount of oil that will drain out when you remove the filter can range from a few drops to 1 liter (1/4 gallon).
    Tip: You can also put some old newspapers on the ground underneath the oil pan to catch any drops that don't make it into the pan.

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    Screw off the oil filter completely by hand. Turn the oil filter counterclockwise until it comes off completely. Be prepared for oil to start leaking out when you take off the filter.
    [5]It's a good idea to put on some work gloves before you take off the oil filter to keep your hands oil-free.
    Make sure you screw off the filter in a position where the leaking oil won't spill straight down your arm. Since oil filters should only be tightened on by hand, many can be removed completely by hand. However, it's possible for them to get stuck on if they were tightened too much or there isn't enough lubrication.

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    Use a filter wrench to loosen the oil filter if you can't loosen it by hand. Try to loosen the filter by hand first, then turn the oil filter counterclockwise with a filter wrench to loosen it if it is stuck on. You just need to get it started so you will be able to screw it off all the way by hand.

    [6]A filter wrench is a ratchet-type wrench designed specifically to fit tightly around oil filters. You can get filter wrenches for your specific model of vehicle online or at an auto parts dealer. Place the wrench around the oil filter, then ratchet it to tighten it and twist it counterclockwise to loosen the filter.

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    Put the old filter face down in the oil pan and let it drain for 24 hours. You need to let all of the old oil drain out before you can dispose of the old filter. Throw it away in your regular trash after 24 hours.

    [7]You will have to recycle the oil at a service station, mechanic shop, or recycling center.

  • <p>OEM / ODM</p>

    OEM / ODM

    Huachang can personalize according to your style, material, color and other requirements, so that each of your products, quality and quantity on time delivery, to ensure your smooth business. At the same time, we will also record the entire production process, for each order to take photos and video records of data, to ensure that the parameters of the unified standard for after-sale service.

  • <p>Production</p>


    Huachang understands the special nature of international trade in which customers can not monitor the quality on site, how to make customers feel at ease about the quality, will be the focus before cooperation. We will allow online viewing of production progress to solve customers' worries. In terms of production, Huachang has strict production processes and strives for excellence, even the smallest details are never perfunctory. 

  • <p>​​​​​​​Quality<br></p>


    For the quality we will carefully inspect, such as whether there are scratches on the surface of the china car oil filter, whether the air filter folds evenly, whether there is obvious deformation, and whether the filter paper is stuck. Only after 100% inspection, the goods will be packaged.

  • <p>Delivery Time<br></p>

    Delivery Time

    For in-stock products, Huachang will send the goods to you within 7 days after we receive your payment. For custom products, delivery time is 15-45 days after receipt of your payment. This depends on the total quantity required. High output, efficient delivery capability and strong production capacity are always available to solve your urgent needs. 

  • <p>Establishment in 2008</p>

    Establishment in 2008

    We have introduced over 100 advanced production & testing machines since its establishment in 2008.

  • <p>Best quality<br></p>

    Best quality

    The filter is manufactured by high-grade raw material, precise control and strict testing to gurantee the best quality.

  • <p>Production (OEM/ODM)</p>

    Production (OEM/ODM)

    Our product markets include China and more than 30 countries worldwide, providing our customers with high-quality automotive filters. Applicable models include Chinese cars, Japanese cars, Korean cars, French cars, German cars, American cars, etc.

  • <p>Certification<br></p>


    HuaChang has gained the certification of GBT/T19001-2022, ISO9001: 2022&ISO/ TS16949:2022.


To meet the customer and market's demand, Huachang has introduced over 30 advanced production & testing machines since its establishment in 2008. It owns more than 120 employees and 20,000 square meters clean workshops, can produce 11 million pieces filter each year for over 1000 models.

  • 1.automatic stamping process of oil filter shell
  • 2.stamping threaded iron sheet of oil filter
  • 3.tapping threaded iron sheet
  • 4.spray painting process of automobile oil filter shell
  • 5.putting the spring
  • 6.product quality testing
  • 7.printing
  • <p><strong>Benefits:</strong></p>


    - High-profit margins
    - Flexible payment terms and credit support
    - Extensive product lines and SKU options
    - Exclusive territory protection
    - Continuous product development and innovation

  • <p>​​​​​​​​​​​​​​<strong>Requirements:</strong></p>


    - Maintain a minimum annual sales target
    - Comply with our quality control standards and guidelines
    - Abide by our brand image and advertising policies

  • <p><strong>Joining Our Company:</strong><br></p>

    Joining Our Company:

    - For every $200000-500000 worth of goods purchased within a year, we offer a rebate of 2 points.
    - For over $500,000 worth of goods purchased within a year, we offer a rebate of 3 points.
    - The rebate is cumulative and applies to all subsequent purchases.

Overall, we believe that our partnership program offers a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to join our automobile oil filter factory and grow their business with our support. We are committed to building long-term partnerships with our dealers and helping them achieve their business goals. If you are interested in becoming a dealer for our automobile oil filter factory, please contact us for more information on our partnership program. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to grow our businesses.

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