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What does an air filter do in a car?

You need an engine air filter to protect your engine from dirt, dust, sand, and other contaminants, but if it becomes clogged, you may experience negative performance from your vehicle. Air that enters your vehicle's cabin is decontaminated by a cabin air filter.

How often should I change car air filter?

At least once a year, or every 12,000-15,000 miles, you should change the air filter. Your filter may need to be changed more frequently if you drive in dusty or dirty conditions. When it's time to replace a filter, some filters are marked with a service life indicator.

7 Signs You Might Need to Replace Your Car Air Filter

Reduced Fuel Efficiency. The most common sign is a decrease in gas mileage.

Jerking Movements When You Accelerate.

Misfiring and Starting Issues.

The Engine Light Is On.

The Air Filter Is Dirty.

Strange Engine Sounds.

Black Smoke or Flames From the Exhaust Pipe.

Reasons to change your air filter: 

To save on fuel: 

Decrease fuel consumption by ensuring good combustion.

To avoid black smoke: 

For a better car performance: 

When the air flowing into the engine is clean, the mixture of fuel and air supports maximum power.

When the air filter is clogged, the fuel combustion is incomplete and leads to dirty exhaust smoke – which is a bad sign.


A high-quality engine air filter maximizes fuel efficiency and extends the life of your engine. But a poor choice can lead to poor performance and costly repairs in the future. Stay tuned as we take you through all the things to consider when choosing your car's engine air filter.

Filtration Efficiency

A high filtration efficiency air filter is crucial for safeguarding your vehicle's engine. Efficiency measures the percentage of contaminants removed by an air filter. Huachang Filter sets a new standard for engine protection with its 99% efficiency. It's an ideal pick for any car.

Filter's Size & Style

Various styles and sizes are available for engine air filters. An ill-fitting filter can create spaces that unfiltered air can bypass it and enter the engine. These characteristics are crucial factors to ensuring optimal filtration. To ensure the right size and type of filter for your engine’s housing, make sure you compare the size and fit against the previous filter.

Driving Conditions

You need a more durable filter if you often drive on dusty roads. Premium filters are great for capturing tiny contaminants that can bypass standard filters. It is important to note that your filter needs are different if you often drive in a high-traffic area. A synthetic blend filter is recommended in situations like this. It offers a good balance between airflow and filtration.

OEM Recommendations

Consult your car's original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. These provide valuable guidance on which air filter your vehicle's engine was designed to run with. It is recommended that you choose a filter that meets or exceeds your vehicle's OEM standards. 

Ease of Installation 

If you take pride in doing your own car maintenance, consider filters that are designed for easy installation. Huachang Filter offers a range of engine air filters for a hassle-free installation. 


The warranty can provide added peace of mind regarding the quality and durability of the product. Huachang Filter offers warranties for engine air filters to be free from defects for as long as the recommended change interval. This makes your purchase less risky. 


It is important to consider the specific filter needs of your car and the driving conditions when choosing an engine air filter. For all-around engine protection, a filter with enhanced dirt-holding capacity often excels in most applications. Installation is simple and these filters are manufactured in accordance with OEM specifications.

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