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Item name:Air Filter


Cross reference No:17220-51B-H00


Car Make:for Japanese car


Material:PP+filter paper





SIZE(MM) :228*218*47

FOB port:Huangpu


Payment terms:T/T, L/C, Western Union


Delivery time:10-30Days after receiving deposit of 30%



1. Regular Packing, our brand packing or According To Customers' Requires.

2. Air filter one piece in polybag to be put in one box, several boxes to be packed in one carton, Or as per customer's packing instruction.

Product Introduction 

Introducing our premium car air filter, specifically designed for Japanese cars. Ensure optimal air quality and engine performance with this high-quality filter. Protect your vehicle from harmful particles and improve its longevity. Experience cleaner air and a smoother ride with our trusted car air filter for Japanese cars.

Introducing our advanced car air filter specifically designed for Japanese cars, delivering exceptional air quality and optimum performance. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and superior filtration capabilities, this product ensures that harmful pollutants, dust particles, and allergens are efficiently trapped, safeguarding both the engine's integrity and the occupants' well-being. With its seamless installation process and high durability, our car air filter eliminates the risk of engine damage caused by contaminants, extends the engine's lifespan, and ultimately saves you significant repair costs. Don't compromise on the air quality within your vehicle or the longevity of your beloved Japanese car – experience the difference with our premium car air filter.

Benefits of car air filter

To find out where your auto air filter is located, check your vehicle’s handbook. The car air filter may be found under the bonnet or behind the glove box. An air filter for automobile works hard to prevent debris from entering the car’s engine. The fuel-air mixture that your car relies on to propel you forward is cleaned by the air filter, which removes dirt and debris before the airflow reaches the engine. A constant flow of clean, fresh air also prevents your car from overheating. All of the above are damaging to your car’s overall performance, but as well as this, air filters play a huge role in your car’s efficiency and lifespan.

The car air filter is a vital part of a vehicle's engine system, providing numerous advantages that contribute to its overall performance and longevity. One primary benefit of a well-maintained air filter is its ability to enhance the quality of air entering the engine. By preventing harmful particles such as dust, pollen, dirt, and debris from reaching critical engine parts, it ensures efficient combustion and safeguards sensitive components from potential damage or wear. This not only increases fuel efficiency but also facilitates smoother acceleration and consistent engine operation for the entire lifespan of the vehicle. Additionally, a clean and functional auto air filter plays a crucial role in preserving healthy emissions by capturing pollutants like exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) gases or hydrocarbons before their release into the atmosphere. With regular upkeep and timely replacements as needed, drivers can enjoy improved engine performance while reducing their environmental impact through cleaner emissions.

Huachang Filter is one of the leading Automobile & Car Air Filter Manufacturers in China. Our air filters including oil filter, air filter and fuel filter.


Q: Can I use this car air filter for any Japanese car model?

A: Yes, our car air filter is designed to fit all Japanese car models accurately, ensuring optimal performance and filtration.


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