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Oil filter manufacturing process:

We provide an oil filter for internal combustion engines and a method of manufacturing such filters. The oil filter is effectively and completely sealed by an easy and simple assemblage of a bottom plate with a filter housing, thus being free from a conventional seaming cap and being effectively produced using a reduced amount of material through a simplified production process requiring fewer man hours, and thereby being reduced in its production cost. This oil filter also simplifies the construction of the filter production system, and is improved in productivity. The oil filter and the method of this invention effectively protect workers from safety hazards during the filtration for stamping process of producing the filters. In this oil filter, an unexpected leakage of oil from a filtering element through the upper and lower adhesive parts is almost completely prevented, and so the filtering element performs its desired filtering function of feeding desirably filtered oil to an engine for an expected lengthy period of time. The engine is thus protected from any impurities of the oil. This oil filter also enlarges the effective filtering area of the filtering element, thus accomplishing a desired filtering effect using a small-size filtering paper.

The oil filter manufacturing process is a meticulous and intricate procedure that ensures the production of high-quality filters for automotive and industrial use. The process begins with raw materials such as filter media, end caps, center tubes, adhesive, and gaskets being sourced from trusted suppliers. These materials are then inspected for quality before being assembled into the desired shape and size according to specific design specifications. The filter media is pleated in layers to maximize surface area for efficient filtration of contaminants. The end caps are attached to secure the filter media in place while the center tube provides structural support. Adhesive is used to seal all components together tightly, ensuring no leakage occurs during operation. Finally, gaskets are added to create a tight seal between the filter and its housing once installed in an engine or machinery. Each step of the oil filter manufacturing process is carefully monitored and controlled to guarantee consistent quality and performance of the final product.

The the first step of producing oil filters in the production of an oil filter is cutting of the steel sheet. As the steel sheet passes through the cutting machine, specific sizes that are required for the filter-making process are cut.

The threaded plates that form the thickest parts are cut from a 2mm thick sheet while the tapping plate, outer casing, and the upper-end cover are cut from a sheet of thickness between 0.25mm-0.5mm.

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